The Portofino Promise:

our recipe for redefining the bread aisle.

We always keep it real

We believe in quality without compromise that’s why we use straight-up ingredients in all of our buns and loaves – no artificial flavours or colours.

Quality baked into every loaf

If you want to make the best bread you need to use the best ingredients. We don’t just buy whatever the market offers. We have long running relationships with our suppliers to ensure the highest quality of our ingredients.

Slow craft baking

Good bread takes time. So, unlike many commercial bakeries, we take the extra time to ferment our dough slowly to bring out the best flavours and textures. You can’t rush a masterpiece. 

No one should have to settle for boring baked goods, ever.

We want to leave more behind than crumbs.

We believe making good bread starts with making good decisions. We consider our environmental and community impact during every step of our baking process.

Buy Local

Since our inception, we have built our business in partnership with local suppliers. 100% of the flour for our breads comes from local mills here in British Columbia. In fact, from ingredients to equipment, supplies to software, the majority of our partners are right here in BC.

Certified Climate Smart

In an effort to reduce emissions from our operations, we have become Radicle Climate Smart Certified. We are committed to reducing our greenhouse gas emissions, and this is one step of many we are taking to minimize our overall impact on the environment.

Giving Back

At Portofino we don’t just want to be good bakers - we believe in being good neighbours. That’s why instead of throwing away food we donate unsellable products to local farmers to use as feed. We’re also proud to partner with the Backpack Buddies food program. This generous group is dedicated to filling the weekend hunger gap by supplying youth in need home with a bag of food for the weekend.