our commUNITY: Michell's Farm - Portofino Bakery
Portofino Bakery is a wholesale bakery. We offer a full line of breads and buns, as well as speciality items like pretzel buns, ciabatta, & artisan breads.
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our commUNITY: Michell’s Farm

our commUNITY: Michell’s Farm

Our Community: Michell’s Farm

This month we are highlighting Michell’s Farm, located just a stone’s throw away from our Bakery on the Saanich Peninsula at Island View Road.  The Michell Family has run this farm for over 150 years and is currently actively farming on 400 acres around the Peninsula.  This is something that the family takes a lot of pride in, the sixth generation is actively farming the fields, while the very young seventh generation is growing up.


The farm originally started out as a potato farm in the 1880’s, and has expanded their offerings to include over 50 varieties of fruits and vegetables.  All of these can be found at their market where they sell farm grown produce, a small selection of locally produced grocery items including Portofino Breads and baked goods, and most recently their own beef.

About six years ago Michell’s started raising hormone and antibiotic free beef on the farm. These cows eat grass and grain that was grown next to their grazing fields.  You can often see these cows relaxing in the sun around the market!


Michell’s Farm is closely tied to Portofino by not only selling our bread in their market, but they actually grow wheat that we use to make bread with.  About 5 years ago Portofino was looking for a way to support the local farming community while creating a great product to sell to consumers.  Michell’s Farm is one of about 5 local farms that started growing wheat, which is then milled at Portofino and baked into one of two loaves: the Vancouver Island Harvest Pan Loaf, and the Vancouver Island Wholegrain Artisan (Both of these loaves can be purchased at Michell’s Farm).

This year Harvest Rd. open up beside the Market, which is a local food truck serving burgers, sandwiches, and breakfast buns. It’s a great place to grab a weekend lunch and take in the sights of the farm.

mural picture - harvest rd

This is the perfect time of year to check out Michell’s farm, they have tons of produce being harvested from the field daily, along with a giant pumpkin patch to really get you into the fall festivities!  Located right off the Lochside Trail this is a great destination on a bike ride, a weekend drive in the country.

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