our commUNITY: Country Grocer - Portofino Bakery
Portofino Bakery is a wholesale bakery. We offer a full line of breads and buns, as well as speciality items like pretzel buns, ciabatta, & artisan breads.
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our commUNITY: Country Grocer

our commUNITY: Country Grocer

‘Here, you’ll feel like family’ a statement deeply rooted in Country Grocer’s core values since opening their doors in 1984.  This local chain with 7 locations takes family to heart and works hard to welcome you into theirs. Country Grocer started as two independently owned stores in the mid- eighties before growing and joining forces to open the Island Independent Buying Group, an island based warehouse allowing Country Grocer to purchase in larger quantities, receiving buying discounts, and passing those discounts along to customers.

 bakery team

Country Grocer is heavily involved in their community where the stores act as a support network for local sports teams and non-profits.  Each store sponsors multiple sports teams throughout the year and together they support larger fundraising efforts.  This year you will see Country Grocer out and about in Vancouver Island’s Parade circuit, supporting various Multiple Sclerosis events, and of course hosting lots of in store events at their Lake Cowichan store surrounding Sun Fest in July.  The largest fundraising event Country Grocer supports is ‘The Cycle of Life Tour’ a 200km bike tour of Lower Vancouver Island raising funds for Vancouver Island Hospice Care.

esquimalt buccaneer days

Caring for more than just the community, Country Grocer is also working hard to reduce their carbon footprint. Grocery Stores are usually larger in space and require a lot of energy to operate (lighting, refrigeration, heating etc.) and Country Grocer is trying to reduce their energy usage with a new program at their Bowen Road location in Nanaimo.  By installing a new building management system Country Grocer has been able to take the heat from the refrigeration system and use it to heat warehouse and office spaces.  The building also has photo-electric sensors which adjust lighting in the building depending on the weather outside. This can all be controlled on-sight or remotely for maintenance and monitoring.

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Country Grocer has carried Portofino Products since 2014, and carries a large line of Artisans and Buns along with staff favourites- the Peasant and Roasted Garlic and Cracked Pepper Artisan Loaves.

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