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Making the perfect sandwich

Making the perfect sandwich

How to stop your sandwich from going soggy

It’s back to school time (dare we say it), it is the time of year where routines are foraged, academic goals made, and household routines are set.  Most of these routines involve food and squeezing in a quick meal between school, soccer practice, and homework.  Sandwiches have been a staple in this organized chaos for decades.

One of the main struggles of any sandwich is keeping it fresh and cool all day long, while not letting the bread get soggy.  While the thought of making a sandwich may come across as a simple task, a poorly built sandwich can ruin any meal and result in even the largest sandwich connoisseur turning their nose up.   Below are some tried and tested tips to make your sandwich last from early mornings in the classroom to afternoons courtside.

sandwich making

1) Start with the bottom piece of bread, and make cheese the first layer on your sandwich, it will act as a barrier between the sauce and the bread and prevent sogginess.


2) Next you want to add flavour with sauces. This is a great time to get creative with your sandwich, try different flavours such as chipotle mayo, sirracha, or guacamole.


3) Once the sauces have been applied, layer on the meat. Try a local option such as Roast Beef made from Red Barn Markets.  Make sure the meat touches all corners of the sandwich, the goal with a great sandwich is to have a bit of every ingredient in every bite!


4) After the meat, add the vegetables. Adding vegetables is great way to up the health benefits of your sandwich, pile moisture heavy vegetables on first, such as tomatoes, pickles, and cucumbers then move to your leafy greens.  Always make sure you have lettuce on top as it will also act as a barrier between the sandwich contents and the bread.


5) Finish off your sandwich with the final piece of bread and voila!





*If you find that your sandwich is still getting soggy throughout the day, you can also try spreading just butter on the bread.  This will act as another barrier preventing the sauces from getting to the bread.

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