How We Make Our Bread - Portofino Bakery
Portofino Bakery is a wholesale bakery. We offer a full line of breads and buns, as well as speciality items like pretzel buns, ciabatta, & artisan breads.
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How We Make Our Bread

Sponge and Dough Method

This is the method used for most of our bread and bun products. In this dough method, also called a pre-ferment, part of a formula’s ingredients consists of a so-called sponge, which consists of flour, water, fresh yeast and salt. After mixing it is stored in large plastic containers to slowly ferment for 24 hours at 4°C in our cooler. Continued below….

Sponge and Dough Method Continued

This slow fermentation process creates different enzymes needed to leaven the bread. It also improves the flavour, shelf life, and the texture of the bread. The sponge is pulled out of the cooler and incorporated, as part of the recipe, into a new dough. Although this method is far more involved and time consuming, it results in a superior product.  All the sponge is used up and new batches are made daily.

Straight Dough Method

For a very small number of our products we use the straight dough method. This consists of mixing all dough ingredients together at one time, preparing for a single fermentation process. The fermentation time will vary but usually takes about an hour, after which time the products are formed, proofed and baked off.  The time between the start of this process and the finished product coming out of the oven is relatively short… from beginning to end approximately 4 hours.

Bread is one of the oldest, most basic and most familiar of foods. That’s why Portofino tries to make bread as it was intended – a simple, natural staple of life that everyone can afford and enjoy.