our commUNITY: Red Barn Markets - Portofino Bakery
Portofino Bakery is a wholesale bakery. We offer a full line of breads and buns, as well as speciality items like pretzel buns, ciabatta, & artisan breads.
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our commUNITY: Red Barn Markets

our commUNITY: Red Barn Markets

Red Barn Markets are a shopping destination among many in the Victoria area.  With 5 locations spread out around the city, Red Barn Market’s are a great spot to stop in and grab some local produce or one of their ‘Tall as the Barn’ sandwiches, made on Portofino Bread.


Red Barn is unique in that they have their own on site smoke house where they produce a large line of pepperonis, hams, and infamous double smoked bacon! Located at the Vanalman Location this smoke house produces 90 different products.  Along with being sold in stores, these products are used in their sandwich bars and sold wholesale to a few restaurants around the city.


Coming out of winter hibernation this May is the BarnBQ, a BBQ style food cart, making its seasonal debut at the finish line of the Oak Bay ½ Marathon.  Serving up ‘Bun on the Runs’ for weary runners and spectators.  The BarnBQ is usually found at events around the city or at one of the Red Barn locations cooking hamburgers, hotdogs, and other lunch staples, all served on Portofino Buns!


This past month Red Barn Markets opened up their fifth location on Oak Bay Avenue, which boast similar features to other Red Barns.  However this one also has a coffee bar, fresh Kombucha growler fill station, and Ice cream bar.  With the success of this fifth location Red Barn is looking to expand and grow over the coming years, with some exciting news coming from Esquimalt in 2017!

Red Barn Oak Bay

This company is up to some big things and just like their customers Red Barn is passionate about focusing on local products.  Portofino products are sold at all Red Barns and are also used in their sandwich bars and BarnBQ food cart and Red Barns are the only place where you can pick up a Peninsula Peasant Loaf!

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