commUNITY: Peppers Foods - Portofino Bakery
Portofino Bakery is a wholesale bakery. We offer a full line of breads and buns, as well as speciality items like pretzel buns, ciabatta, & artisan breads.
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commUNITY: Peppers Foods

commUNITY: Peppers Foods

At Portofino we are a local business with strong roots in the community.  It is through this community support that we have been successful and grown to the thriving business we are today.  Over the next few months we are going to highlight some of the various community members who continue to support us and grow with us!

Keep an eye on our website and social channels, as we feature some of our favourite local companies and what they are up to! (and some of them are up to some wicked stuff!)

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This week we caught up with Peppers Foods and talked all things local and how they continue to support and build their community through various initiatives.

Peppers Foods has been a community staple in the heart of Cadboro Bay for the last 54 years.  Located just a few blocks from the beach and Gyro park, this grocery store is full of heart and takes a lot of pride in giving back and supporting their community.

Over the years, Peppers has built up a loyal customer base with many customers stopping by multiple times a week. It’s these relationships that influence the many community initiatives Peppers is involved in.

Most recently Peppers was a key part in having Buddy Benches installed in all the local schools in the area.  Buddy Benches is a program that prevents bullying and promotes inclusion in elementary schools. “We felt this was an important issue and something we could take action on and make an impact in the community” says Cory, the store manager.  The community feels the same way, and it’s these selfless acts that make Peppers a vital part of their community.

peppers - deli

Looking into 2016 Peppers is excited to host the annual Local Island Showcase happening in July, where local vendors promote their products.  “Our customers want local product, and it pushes us to seek out and support as many local vendors as we can” Cory told us.  Peppers recently added a full service meat counter to the store.  With this addition they are looking forward to expanding their house made sausage line and providing a large line of high quality meats to the community.

Peppers Foods carries a large line of Portofino products including products that you can’t get at some larger retailers, such as the Cheese and Garlic Pan Loaf, Cheese Kaisers, and all our French Loaves. Peppers truly is the heart of the Cadbro Bay Community, stop by, say hi and be sure to pick up a picnic lunch before checking out Gryo Park!

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